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Skylinks is a global telecom operator and networking solutions provider with an impeccable track record of serving multinational carriers and operators since 2004. We commission next-generation voice and data inter-connectivity to provide a watery-smooth communication flow across multiple networks and territories. Skylinks Telecom is one of the first cross-communication network in Latin America that identified the communication needs of Lebanese abroad which was not being fully met.

We are a telecom operator and network solution provider that assists carriers, operators and governments around the world secure their revenue stream and offer top quality services to their end consumers.

Our services encompass designing and implementing Voice, TDM & IP Interconnect solutions that integrate seamlessly with current equipments and technologies. The networks that we engineer edge ahead of others because of their superior digital and hardware architecture, which ensures unwavering quality and unparalleled economy for our clients.

We understand that the rapidly unfolding telecom landscape and intense competition expose telcos to new challenges every day. Apart from reliability, quality and speed, cost-efficiency, fraud prevention, and ease of maintenance are the key issues that any contemporary network must address. We build diversified networks using internationally tested and proven hardware and software modules that deliver a trailblazing performance in all of these areas. The intuitive simplicity and rock-solid reliability of our networks help our clients acquire a strategic competitive advantage in a tough environment.

Our team of stalwart telecom experts is driven by a decade of telecommunications experience and a passion to offer the absolute best in voice and data inter-connectivity. We see it as our mission to build networks that deliver top-of-the-line quality to the end user while achieving the utmost standards of efficiency for the provider.

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