What We Do

Carrier Exchange Services

SkyLink’s ubiquitous and advanced Carrier Exchange Services put at your fingertips a wealth of Tier-1 and local direct routes for every destination. Easily access hundreds of CSPs worldwide, track your ASR, ACD and revenue, validate routes, and step ahead of your competitors.

Designed for Control

Discover the most economical routes, auto-test route quality, auto-detect FAS, and tap into a trove of extensive and accurate data to easily control service quality and profitability. Sit back and relax as our online portal gives you real time, accurate information about all your routes.

Intuitive, Scalable, Cutting-Edge

SkyLink’s exchange services can be quickly scaled to fit different roles and projects. The next-generation digital architecture delivers unmatched performance with heartwarming simplicity. Sell your excess capacity, buy or exchange routes, and track KPIs…without lifting a finger!

What We Do

International Gateway Management

SkyLink’s fully integrated Gateway Management Services unify diverse technologies and eliminate uncertainty to give you added control over your revenues. Trust more than a decade of global experience in setting up and managing gateways with proven results.

Efficient, Secure, Transparent

Put an end to leakage and fraud by deploying a clean, ubiquitous architecture that routes, re-routes, scrutinizes, and properly bills all revenue-generating traffic. Our services are designed to help public and private entities prevent fraud, improve quality, expand capacity, and reclaim revenue.

End-to-End Trunking Capability

SkyLink’s International Gateway Management support the full spectrum of integration resources, from legacy trunking to the next-generation SIP-based application. The seamless integration delivers end to end control across a multitude of technologies and devices.

What We Do

Governmental Revenue Assurance

Our end-to-end Revenue Assurance Services utilize preconfigured and custom-built modules to ensure the integrity of governmental revenue stream across multiple services verticals. Easily detect and stop revenue leakage and telecom fraud and significantly improve revenue generation.

Comprehensive, Futuristic, Reliable

We work with you to audit your RA activity, define revenue targets and KPIs, design and deploy systems, software and processes, and continuously monitor and improve your revenues from wireless, fixed, cable, MVNOs, MSPs and other CSPs. Contact us to stay ahead of the telecom evolution.

Globally Tested and Proven

During the last 10 years, our multilingual, global team of experts has assisted governments in bolstering their revenue generation activity under diverse regulatory, technological and sociopolitical environments. Capitalize on a wealth of skills, resources and experience to augment and control revenues.

What We Do

Mobile Operator and PSTN Fraud Detection System

Our reliable, simple and readily deployable MNO & PSTN Fraud Detection System features real-time call filtering, in-progress call monitoring, and FAS. Detect and mitigate fraud from unified hybrid networks comprising PSTN, CPS and VoIP interconnectivity. Get the next-generation fraud protection, today!

Rock Solid Fraud Protection

Telcos lose more than two percent of their revenue to fraud. Are you protected? Get cutting-edge fraud detection and control for your assets, call-routes and call-flow. Our system guarantees impregnable security against toll fraud, PBX hacking, identity theft, roaming fraud, and premium rate fraud.

Simple, Ingenious, Efficient

Our futuristic fraud control system integrates effortlessly with your existing technology and makes fraud detection and control a simple task. Stay a step ahead of fraudsters in today’s fast-paced communication environment. Detect damage before it’s done, with total control and peace of mind.
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